Indians Win League but Fall in Playoffs


Charles Hunt, Sports Writer

 The Montrose Indians took to the field last week, Thursday, April 22nd in the first round of the playoffs. The No. 16 Indians (6-3) faced the No. 1 Battle Mountain Huskies (10-0) and suffered a bitter loss 0-5 knocking them out of the playoffs. The Huskies had scored 2 goals in the first half and 3 in the second half sealing their win. 


 The Indians had been outmatched from the beginning, with Battle Mountains 11 seniors and 9 juniors playing the whole game facing the Indians 2 seniors and 4 juniors it was a mismatch in experience that favored the Huskies. 


 “The one major factor was the age difference, Battle Mountain was made up of seniors and juniors while most of our team is sophomores. Many of our sophomores had never been in a playoff game and it was much faster paced and a big change for them. We will have a more experienced team next year and we’ll just have to play better and get better as we go.” junior Adriel Encarnacion said.


 “I feel like we did good but we have a lot of young players who I think were very nervous and we just let Battle Mountain control the game and we had some moments that we didn’t take advantage of and I think that was a key part to our loss.” senior Diego Vargas said.


 Diego Vargas is one of two seniors on the team this year. Vargas plans to play soccer in junior college in Otero and if that goes well after a year go to a better school and keep playing competitively.


 This year’s playoff game was also the last for senior J.T. Imus. Imus doesn’t plan on playing competitively but will still play for fun either in intramurals or for a recreation program.


 “This year I think went just about as well as it could have considering the small amount of upperclassmen we had. I don’t think we could have done much to prevent that loss in the playoffs, Battle Mountain was a good team with more skill and experienced players on their side.” junior Aiden Harrel said.


 Harrel will be returning next year as a senior.


 “I’m looking forward to next year and leading new players and helping them when I can. I think if we want to do as good or better than we did this year we need to put in a lot of off season work to keep ourselves in shape.” Harrel said. 


 Another returning player who will be a senior next year is Adriel Encarnacion.


 “Next year will be my senior year so I have to lead the way for all the younger players and hopefully win the league again and maybe make it further into the playoffs next year.” Encarnacion said.