First Dance of the Year

Alexis Ray, Reporter

Over the weekend on Saturday, May 8, MHS had their first dance of the year for all students out on the football field. After a year of hardships and adjustments it was much needed for students to have a good time. 

“I think it was a great idea and I’m really thankful we got one,”sophomore, Grace Davis said.

The dance was free for all MHS students and all they needed upon entry was their student ID and a mask. However, after they got in, students weren’t required to wear their masks anymore because the event was held outdoors. 

“I had a lot of fun! I was happy that we didn’t have to wear masks the whole time,” junior, Bo Taylor said.

In a normal year the dance is usually held in the gym, but this year it was held on the field and students are expressing they preferred that over the gym.

“I was actually surprised how beautiful it was outside, we were lucky to have good weather and I honestly think it was better than having it in the gym,” Davis said.

And because it was on the field, it gave students a break from the masks and a chance to breathe fresh air. Luckily the weather was nice and not too cold even though it was a little windy.

“I think having it on the field was nice because it gave everyone the chance to take off their mask and all be together,” sophomore, Bree Andrews said.

Once students got out on the dance floor and moving around they started warming up and having fun.

“I think the best part is my whole group of friends just jumped around and danced and didn’t care what anyone else was thinking. It was nice to have fun for the first time in awhile and I would love to do this again eventually or be able to do more activities like this in the future,” Andrews said. 

This is a good way to start ending the year on a happy note especially for the freshman and sophomores after not having any other dances or activities going on with COVID.

“I got to dance with all of my friends and have a great night. It was one of the best dances I have ever gone to,” freshman, Kylee Miller said.

Although behind the scenes setting up and taking it down is more difficult outside, Stuco thinks it’s definitely a possibility to have more outside events in the future.