Band Pushing Forward

Alexis Ray, Reporter

COVID has changed how almost all clubs and organizations function here at MHS, and the band program is no exception. Wearing a mask makes playing many instruments such as trombone or the flute difficult, but modifications were made to ensure the students were still able to practice playing the instruments they love.

Some modifications that the band has had to make are social distancing in the band room and when they have drills outside in the fall. They have also had to wear masks with slits in them so they can still play their instruments while wearing it because of COVID regulations. 

“Honestly I was just happy I was getting to do it because there was a time when we were like we’re not even going to have a season, we’re not even going to have a show and I was like,” What? No!,” junior, Lillian Hamilton said.

COVID has caused different aspects of the band to change such as the masks and the social distancing. This has been hard on students at first to adjust to. 

“I feel like the social distancing has been hard because like with music it’s a way of connecting to people and when you actually physically have to distance, it’s a bit harder to do that and it isn’t quite as fun. It definitely doesn’t quite feel as much as a group and like a band as it normally would,” freshman, Colton Ward said.

Students have expressed that it’s frustrating sometimes because these aren’t the ideal situations to play in or not even at all.

Masks have also been adjusted for students to play in. They now have a slit in them so the mouth pieces of their instruments fit in it so they can still wear it while playing instead of taking it off. 

“I’ve noticed just experimenting like playing longer passages with the mask on is a lot harder than it is without the masks, in terms of breathing and having enough air to play,” Ward said.

Even so, these accommodations have also brought them closer together as they all have had to adjust and problem solve the same things together. Whether it be the masks, socially distancing or just figuring out how to remain a team with all of that going on at the same time.

“I think it kinda brought us closer together especially in marching band because we did have to deal with something that changed the entire world and we still managed to play throughout that,” Ward said.

Despite all the differences students are remaining confident and hopeful that next year things will start to return to what “normal” used to be like so they can get back to what they love to do, perform and make music together as a whole. 

“Considering it being senior year I kind of want it to be something to remember and band is so worth it. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I didn’t. Being in band has brought some of the best memories I have had during high school,” Hamilton said.