Class of 2022: Cohick


Xavier Amaro

Kyle Cohick tells us that her high school experience “wasn’t as I expected it to be. There were lots of ups & downs, but you get through it”, said Cohick.

After high school Cohick plans to go to college for Agricultural Business and judge livestock.A college in her sight is Texas Tech, but she hasn’t really settled on anything just yet.

“One thing high school taught me was life is going to throw you some curveballs & there will always be a hit and a miss. I’ve learned to make decisions that will best benefit me” said Cohick

Kyle says “I enjoyed going to football games and feeling like a part of the school”. In her free time she enjoys riding dirt bikes, riding 4 wheelers, going camping , hunting, fishing and much more.

Above all her favorite is riding horses and showing livestock. Cohicks has been a part of the Montrose High School’s Ag & FFA group for three years now as well as being a football manager for one year.

Cohick says “Don’t rely on one group of friends, keep your options open”. She feels this way because she feels like you should always be open to meeting new people.