Introducing our Superintendent


Welcome back home!

Amili Chavarria, Writer

Carrie Stephenson was announced superintendent after a school board meeting on March 29th, 2020. 

Stephenson previously attended Montrose County School District years ago as a student, and graduated from MHS in 1985.  The recent return to Montrose has been special to Stephenson, since her career took off here and she still has family members in the area.

“I love Montrose; it’s a great place to be,” Stephenson said.

Before her return  to Montrose County she worked in Chicago, Kansas City, Littleton as a classroom teacher and in Douglas County Schools in Parker, Co. for 26 years. In Douglas County She began as a classroom teacher, then moved to be an assistant principal, then a director, and finally became an executive director for Douglas County Schools.

Her inspiration for joining the education field all began when she was an MHS student and  participated in a class working to help area elementary students with literacy.  This program gave her the opportunity to experience working with kids and allowed her to see what being a teacher would be like. 

“I just fell in love with the profession, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a teacher,” Stephenson said. 

She was welcomed into our district in a quite difficult time because of COVID-19.

“It is like one big challenge,” Stephenson said. 

Becoming a new superintendent of a school district would be a challenge at any time, but since COVID policies have changed so much about how students and teachers can interact at school it has created more of a challenge that she is fully willing to take on with the help of staff and students.

“This is something so big, it affects every single part of the organization, it’s almost like rebuilding a school district from the ground up,” Stephenson said.  

Moving forward she would like to begin talking to the community, including the students, about what improvements the community would like to see in the district.

“My goal is to have those conversations this year, and to begin developing a strategic plan,” Stephenson said.

She has also formed a superintendent, student advisory group, Stephenson had applications sent out with student government leaders in schools, students will be selected to serve in that advisory group. “I’m really looking forward to that so we’re sure that we have the student voice at the center of what we’re doing always,” Stephenson said.