Living With Skills


Kayla Almanzar

Micheal Kitsmiller feeding the chickens

Kayla Almanzar, Editor

Mrs. Morris’s Living with Skills class added a flock of 10 chickens to the property, and plans to take care of them during the school year of 2020-2021. Mrs. Morris uses the eggs they collect from the chickens and cooks with them for different meals in the classroom.

The greenhouse, feeding the chickens, and planting flowers are all done by the Living With Skills class. The class does a bunch of things to keep them busy and to make Montrose High School stand out to other schools and the community. Instead of getting rid of the greenhouse and replacing it with feeding the chickens to be caregivers of the chickens, they plan to maintain both. 

“We still have the greenhouse, we’re just expanding our jobs,” Mrs. Barker, said. 

The Chickens came from Home Depot last year before the Coronavirus cut the school year short. The chickens weren’t as small as chicks, they were at the stage of being chickens. The chickens didn’t take anytime from laying eggs, they started laying pretty fast. During the summer of 2020, the chickens were taken care of everyday. 

“All summer long, Mrs. Barker came down and took care of them, she has little kids that really like doing that kind of stuff,” Mrs.Morris, the Living with Skills teacher, said.

Being around any type of animal can put a smile on anyone’s face, but getting to interact with them, pet them, play with them, and feed them can change anyone’s day and make it brighter. Mrs. Morris has Living with Skills twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoons. She takes turns with the classes to go take care of the chickens to make their day a little better 

“ I like feeding the chickens, it’s my favorite part of the day and coming out to see them,” Javier Barrios, 10th grader in Mrs.Morris’s class, said.