Colorado students adjust to new policies

Colorado students adjust to new policies

Breanne Brasier, Reporter

 With over 60,576 COVID-19 Cases in Colorado, school districts across the state have had to enforce mandatory policies in order to reopen schools for face-to- face instruction. 

Complying with policies such as mandatory masks, altered schedules, and regular sanitation has proved to be a challenging task that many districts have worked hard to implement so that students who want to return to school can.

Students around the state are experiencing what has been deemed the “new normal” and many of the students are adjusting to the new expectations. 

Montrose High School junior Fletcher Cheezum doesn’t mind the change at all, and feels he is adjusting well even after only a week. 

 “I am very glad to be back in school and I enjoy it a lot this year. I don’t feel stressed or bothered by how the school has handled the pandemic,” Cheezum said. 

Not all schools around the state are back face- to-face like Montrose County.  In Glenwood Springs all students are online until October 5th. Tatum Lilly, a senior in Glenwood Springs is frustrated she cannot go back to school in person. 

“I believe that the changes that have been made in our school district are a bit overprotective and unnecessary,” Lilly said. 

Tatum also mentioned missing school activities, and how she misses the social aspect of school.

 “ I am bothered that we are not in school or able to do school like activities (sports, clubs, dances, etc)” Lilly said. 

Many schools are going back to in person classes like Montrose County. Following all protocols of course, Eaton High School being one of them.

Eaton Colorado High School student Alex Loyd thinks the change was very easy and he feels no stress. 

 “The change for me was very easy as I know a lot of people and they have helped me. The policy is when you are moving you have to wear a mask and when sitting you can take it off,”  Loyd said. 

Alex also believes face- to- face learning is more effective for students because of the social environment you endure around your peers.

“I prefer in person learning as you get the social aspect” said Loyd. 

One thing is for certain, all students and teachers are experiencing a different kind of year.