Going back and forth

Kayla, Editor

With school back into session, MHS students are working from home and in school while teachers are teaching in person and providing online lessons everyday. To keep students safe, the student body has been split into two cohorts who rotate one week in school, one week at home.

The cohorts are split up by last names, cohort Red (A) is from the letter A to the letter K and Cohort White(B) is split up from the letter L to the letter Z.

Everyone has their different feelings about going back and forth from learning at home to learning in school. And it may be confusing sometimes as to what to do in the online classes.

“If I could do full time it would be in person because it’s stressful and too much pressure to continually change from online to in person every week,” Cohort B student, Alijah Trujillo, said.

Being expected to learn from school and home can be different for many students, learning from online can often be difficult for many reasons. One problem students are experiencing at home is unreliable internet. Another problem is that some students feel that, students are confused without a  teacher being able to explain directions and concepts in person.

“School is hard because I seem to get better grades in school and online makes them drop,”  Cohort A student, Ashley Erdmier, said.

Teachers are trying new technology to stream students into class to try to alleviate some confusion. They are managing the different cohorts to try to make this experience the best that it can be.

“I’m a visual learner not a virtual learner and it’s hard when I’m online because the teachers sometimes don’t provide that for the online students,”Trujillo said.