MHS Band


Breanne Brasier, Reporter

Montrose High School Band has had changes as well as other school clubs and sports. A weird year has caused changes to our clubs and activities. Students at MHS enjoy participating in extracurriculars such as band, but with the new environment in society today, band students are finding ways to adapt to their new way of doing what they love. 

Junior Abigail Martin feels this year is very different for the students in band. Band is not the same without being able to march or do a show. 

“The changes are awful. It makes the band totally not the same since we can’t march or do a show, it’s a weird filled year, and hopefully it will be more normal next year,” Martin said. 

Along with restrictions for what the band can do, they also have to follow protocols for COVID-19. 

“We have to wear masks, we have to wear them even while playing, and we can’t be too close to each other. There’s lots of restrictions,” Martins said.

Being in Montrose High School band this year is a change for every member.