In Memory of Adrian Guerra


Kayla Almanzar, Editor

On Sunday Sept. 20 the community lost a great loving senior boy, Adrian Guerra, in a car accident. Not only did Adrian attend Vista Charter School and work at KFC, he also made the people around him have a good day, smile and laugh along with many more other positive things. 

Adrian was that kind of person who tried to never bring anyone down and always include everyone. He never put anyone above himself. He would try his best to make people feel better. 

“He would always greet me with a hug, he would go out of his way to help others even though he was going through his own problems,” lluvia Solis, Adrian’s cousin, said. 

“I met Adrian when I went to a park and he was playing soccer, he randomly asked me to join him,” Lidia Cruz, Adrian’s friend, said. 

One of Adrian’s passions was cars; his favorite thing was talking about cars. Adrian wanted to achieve getting his own car boosted. He was also into racing. One of Adrian’s favorite pastimes was to take a drive. In his car he would take his friends to ride around and talk about life and give his friends input.

 “I loved every moment with him. He always made it fun and memorable but driving at night was the best with him, he made me think about relationships, my future and school. He helped me make better decisions about people and things in my life,” Monce Alvarado, Adrian’s friend, said. 

It has been an emotional week for Adrian’s friends and family. There are many traits of Adrian’s to remember and love: his eyes, his smile, his uplifting personality along with many more attributes. There was not a bad bone in Adrian. 

“His personality, I loved it. He was real, he was always loving, always making people laugh with his craziness,” Susana Carrillo, Adrian’s aunt, said.