Senior Feature


Gabe Miracle, Senior Feature Reporter

Senior Blake Schoonover is known for his compassion and his mellow personality that has given him the ability to get along well with others. Blake is unsure if he will be attending college right after high school, but instead plans on going straight to the workforce after high school.

During Blake’s free time he enjoys watching sports like basketball and football. He usually roots for the home teams, the Broncos and the Nuggets. He also enjoys playing video games during his free time.“My hobbies give me a break from my busy days and let me enjoy my free time. I usually have work or school so it gives me time to relax,” Schoonover said.

His reason for entering the workforce after high school compared to going to college is because he wants to get a head start on his career and make money directly out of high school.

Blake has enjoyed his last four years of high school, his favorite part has been the memories he has made with his friends. Blake is looking forward to graduation and plans on taking the next step in his life.