Bust a move or just broken hearts?

Montrose High School students are saddened by the cancelation of Homecoming and just want to be able to live while they still have their youth.


Andrew Kiser/Montrose Daily Press

The Montrose Indian’s football team running on the field to defeat the Fruita Wildcats on homecoming in 2019.

Josie Coulter, Reporter

 Students these days are continually overwhelmed with the fact that they have to grow up faster and work through more responsibilities than ever before. With thick tension in political debates, safety responsibilities because of COVID, pressure to find a job to pay for college.  The one thing students have to remind them that they can have fun and be young,Homecoming, is potentially gone.  

   Through this global pandemic schools have been through a makeshift model of how it could work. With all the precautions shoved down the student’s and staff’s throats at all times, they have been made aware that this year’s 2020 Homecoming will probably be canceled with little idea if there will be a replacement or something new for the students to do. 

 “Just missing Homecoming in general is another thing that makes me sad. Homecoming football games are definitely special and bring an extra amount of energy to the field. But I’m not gonna sit on all the negatives [and] I’m gonna not take anything we do have as of now for granted,” Kegan Goodwin, senior quarterback, said. 

  Goodwin and many others are disappointed and wish there could be a more creative way thought up or the opinions of students heard for ways the dance could take place with some safety guidelines.  

  “I just really miss Hoco this year. I could see [Homecoming] working out in regards to the Covid precautions and such. I think the mask part could work out but I’m not so sure about the social distancing. That would be a ton of people in the auxiliary gym and I don’t think all of us could stay 6 feet apart, you know? That’s just not a guarantee. I’m not sure if it should be able to happen with the global pandemic but I know it could happen,” Kate Barnett, a junior and former Homecoming Royalty winner, said. 

  There are so many restrictions that students are becoming frustrated with not being able to participate in activities, not seeing friends in the other cohort, and being quarantined at inconvenient times during the school day.  Not only is Homecoming a disappointment for students but missing out on attending football games as well. 

“ I think students should be allowed at football games. I know this is my personal opinion but I don’t agree with the way people monitor all of that. They let what is it, over 200 people in Walmart and Home Depot?!? If they don’t let even that many people in the stands for a football game I’m going to be really bummed. This is just a very confusing time,” Goodwin said. 

 With all disappointment that has gone into the new school year, the students are hoping for an alternative to the dance. Even with no one speaking on the matter and hoping the students will forget about it, the MHS students are hoping for the best and that someone will give them something to look forward to. 

 “I most definitely am hoping that we’ll do some fun things this year! I think we all need a little something to look forward to, you know? A mood lightener. That’s what we all need in a gloomy time like this,” Barnett said.