Forensics Academy


Sergeant Chuck Searcy posing with K-9 Sergeant Tigo.

Alexis Ray , Reporter

Do you want to uphold justice or solve mysteries? Biomedical science might just be the first step in achieving those goals. Biomedical science is a class you can take at Montrose High School and learn about all different types of things such as investigation and the different aspects and people involved in them.

Last week volunteers came in for a forensics academy activity. There was a Colorado state patrol officer, Master Trooper Copeland as well as detectives Mark Trimble, Samantha Graves, and AJ Narrows from the Montrose Police Department. Rick Fellabaum from the Coroner’s office and Montrose county Sheriff, Sergeant Chuck Searcy who was accompanied by K-9 Sergeant Tigo also  came in to explain what they do for their jobs and what it’s like in their profession. 

Ciana Beller, a sophomore, said “[she’s] taking this class to get [her] science credit but [her] favorite part about this class is the real world application as it helps you prepare for the actual career in the future.”

Having people in the workforce come to MHS definitely helps paint a picture in students minds about these careers especially if they’re interested in any of these fields to pursue in the future. 

This class also teaches about fingerprints, shoe prints, skin and hair cells, medical equipment and how to use it.  It also explains about blood splatters and how to identify the object used in a crime scene, and how to identify or determine causes of death. 

Julia Tennapel, a sophomore, said, “I liked that we got to use a real lie detector in class.”

Even if you’re not looking into a career in this subject, this is still a fun and very educational class to take.