Precautions for upcoming Football Games


Jack Christian

Montrose High School Football stands

Kayla Almanzar, Editor

This Friday is the first MHS home football game, and as with everything else, COVID-19 will greatly impact how spectators get to enjoy the game.
     One of the biggest changes will be how many spectators are allowed in usually the stands are filled with watchers but this year only 250 tickets are being given out to family members, to get a ticket a football player,band student or cheerleader will have to give you one but they are only give 2 to hand out. Spectators will need a mask at all times and will be screened upon entry.
“We are splitting the stadium into 3 venues that will be allowed 250 tickets each. These tickets are going to go to families of football players,cheerleaders and band members. Community members will be able to watch the game via MHS Media Livestream,” Brett Mertens, Head Football coach, said.
One thing that will be the same is the half-time show. The MHS marching band will be able to perform and have been preparing after school in the south parking lot.
“With the resurgence of football, we are thrilled to be able to resume our role in whatever capacity we are able,” Sheridan Loyd, the band director, said
There are a few other changes that have been made this year. For example, do not expect to see a coin flip on the field. Also the team boxes have been extended to the 10 yard lines and a maximum of managers/ student assistants has been made. Also anybody on the sidelines will be required to wear a mask.
“Coaches and players have to wear masks when they are not actively participating in the game,” Mertens said.