Indians Place Third, Jennings Wins State


Jordan Jennings chipping to the green. Picture/ Heather Jennings

Charles Hunt, Sports writer

   The Montrose Indians boys golf team placed 3rd in the 4A State Tournament in Colorado Springs on Monday October 5th and Tuesday October 6th. Senior Jordan Jennings placed 1st overall winning his 1st State Championship individually with a score of three under par 68. 

   “Placing 3rd is definitely still a big win for us, we had an awesome year and season, there is still a lot of talent next year and hopefully we can do just as good as this year or maybe even better,” Head Coach Steve Skiff said.

   This was the first time Jordan Jennings has won state individually after placing behind Micah Stangbye for the past three years. Stangbye graduated from MHS in 2020 and now plays for Arkansas Tech. Jennings plans to continue his golf career and education at Colorado State University.  “I was very happy with how I did this year, especially with finally winning state for myself and in my senior year. It was kind of my last opportunity to do so. I definitely couldn’t have done it without the help and support from my coaches, friends and family. I’m also very excited to continue my golf career into college at CSU. It’s too early for me to tell if I will continue golf after college, but college is definitely the first big step,” Jennings said.

   “I’m very glad that I got to coach Jordan in his senior year and that he was able to win the state tournament this year, and I have high hopes for Jordan in college, he’s a great player with a lot of talent and I would love to see him stick with it and succeed later in life,” Skiff said.

   Sophomore Jake Legg, sophomore Noah Richmond, and freshman Rocco Manuel also participated in the State Tournament this year, and although they didn’t place, they were all glad to have been given the chance to go and compete.  “I think that I did pretty good this year and I definitely have some room to improve for next year. I’m glad that I got to play with such a good team and hopefully we can make state again next year,”  Richmond said.