Senior Feature


Gabe Miracle

Senior Anthony Ball is known for his outgoing personality and talent on the football field. Anthony also takes pride in his accomplishments inside the classroom. Anthony plans to go to college at Colorado Mesa University to obtain a degree in mechanical engineering.

“I’m extremely excited to start my next step in life; college is going to be amazing and is going to set me up for success later in life,” Ball said.

During Anthony’s free time, his main hobby as of recently, has been playing recreational flag football with some of his teammates from Montrose High School. He’s played football his entire high school career and has managed to obtain some pretty impressive accolades. He enjoys playing recreational football to get away from the highly stressful varsity games. “My hobbies make me happy because it is in a less competitive environment, which lets me enjoy the sport in a different format compared to when I play with the high school. 

Anthony has enjoyed his four years at Montrose High School. His favorite part about the last four years has been the friendships he has made with a variety of different people. He believes the friendships he has made  during his time in high school have the potential to be life-long.